Friday, 25 March 2011

Let's clamp down on those awful "No Win No Fee Lawyers"

During the budget speech yesterday, an ill informed government once again has attacked the only measure in our legal system which allows anybody access to justice - the no win no fee agreement. Who does it harm? Those who have to pay for their own mistakes of course. And who is that? Fat Wallet insurance companies of course. Does it harm the man on the street? Of course not. Who is it that has brought about these attacks - the well organised insurance company lobby of course.

So why is it that the government are in the pocket of large companies, insurance companies who are listed on the stock market, and doctors who make mistakes leading to sometimes death or permanent disablement? Beats me. 

It all started with Mr Gordon Brown a few years ago. Allegedly he was a devotee of Stalin when at university. What did Stalin believe in? Give the common man lots of rights, but no lawyers to allow those rights to be enforced. Lock more and more people up, and be very very tough on crime. What did Labour do whilst they were in power? They put so many people in prison that more and more prisons had to be built. Why? Because the public love a good hanging. We didn't quite get to the stage of old ladies knitting at the gallows, but there again Labour lost the last election didn't they?

So why don't Conservatives, or more accurately David Cameron like lawyers. Simple really. They are smarter than the government, and challenge silly decisions that bureaucrats and politicians make by bringing judicial review proceedings. That's not good is it? Politicians like enough power to do just enough to make sure they are popular with their voters. Lawyers are an easy target. It is a good thing for businessmen like Phillip Green to make money because he is an employer of many many people. He also trades in business which is the bread and butter of the Conservative Party. Judges and lawyers just make sure that law is fair and just rather than politically advantageous to whatever the government decide will win votes.

I will say one thing about the Labour Party. At least they believed in Human Rights. It was a Labour Government after all that introduced the Human Rights Act into our legislation. Not a Stalinist leader mind you, a Central Socialist, if that is how you choose to describe Tony Blair.

I am glad that I have got that lot out of my system. So will the government really clamp down on what they don't need to interfere with. I hope not, but there again, the government seem to have the bit between their teeth. Will anything change? No not really. Lawyers are smart enough to find a way round whatever obstacles the government decide to throw at us. We will just change our business model to suit. So will the much despised Claims Management Companies that are the real villains of the piece stay in business. Of course they will. They too will find a way round legislation. The best the government can do is keep their nose out of our business. We can't guarantee, however that we will keep our noses out of their business.

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