Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Is money everything or the root of all evil?

As I listen to the governor of the Bank of England predicting the end of the financial world, John, as we know it, then the impending collapse of not banks, but whole countries such as Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, and then Italy, one wonders if Armagedon is just around the corner. Is Mad Max about to jump out and take anarchistic control of the Western World?

So why are we in this bloody mess? Simple. Greed, pure, and simple. If I rang all my friends, and said the first person to arrive at my house wins £100,000 there would a pile up of cars at the gate. If I said I needed £100,000 to pay off some debts, then all I would hear would be tumbleweed blowing in the breeze.

Basically, credit has been too freely available for too long and we have over stretched ourselves. Everyone blames the banks, but they don't say that when the banks offered lots of credit, we didn't turn it down, but let greed overcome the temptation to buy that huge Flat Screen TV for the lounge. Along with Sloth, Greed is one of the 7 Deadly Sins.

To whom does money mean nothing? Them us had nought in th' first place eg the poor and needy clients of mine who have never been able to work, so disabled are they by the irreperable damage caused by abuse in childhood. If only those paedophiles had any idea what they were doing. So if I offer them compensation it means nothing. Why?

1. There is something deeply wrong about being paid compensation for having sex with an older man.

2. They have such a low self image that they do not think they are worthy of anything.

So, to my clients, money means nothing. End of...

To whom does money mean everything? Well, commission only salesmen, of course. If they don't sell, they don't get paid. If they don't get paid, they don't eat. If they don't eat, they die. Its a cruel world, which breeds the incurably optimistic type of person, who believes that they are going to sell. If they don't sell this time then they will next time. That is what keeps them going. And they have to believe in what they are selling, to keep up the energy levels, which, believe me, are incredibly high. Trust me, I have just spent a day in the delightful company of Talisa, who works for Silverpoint Holidays based at the Hollywood Mirage time share resort in Los Christianos, Tenerife. What she went through with me, she has to repeat at least every day, with a new buyer and make it sound fresh every time. That takes spunk, as they used to say in the last war.

So my conclusion? Money doesn't necessarily make you happy. Too much of it acquired through greed will probably make you unhappy. If you don't have enough of it you can be very unhappy. It can even bring down countries. Improperly managed money can be the most grief causing thing on the planet, leading to jealousy, bittermess, crime, and disharmony. Properly managed it can be the source of happiness. If you have enough rather than too much, however, it can help make you happy, but it is no substitute for love, friendhip and family...think on...

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