Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What do I think of the Home Secretary's announcement of a major police enquiry into North Wales abuse?

I am concerned that the announcement by Teresa May to hold a futher abuse investigation by the Metropolitan Police is fraught with several issues:-

  1. This may be a case of the police justifying the way in which a previous investigation was handled. How independent will it be if the police are investigating the police?
  2. The victims have already given lengthy police statements back in or around 2000. Will they really want to go through the whole thing again.
  3. If they decide, with the media pressure that it is all too much, will the police come up with the usual phrase "There is not enough evidence to justify a further prosecution."
  4. Will the proposed investigation be transparent enough for the victim's or will they perceive it as another white wash like the previous investigation.
  5. There is some evidence that police are implicated in the allegations. Will there be a conflict of interest?
  6. Could the police not simply unearth the old evidence, use the existing statements, and simply arrest those already mentioned in files which should already be in existence. Will this really take until April next year?
  7. Will the identity of the accused be kept secret? I doubt it.
  8. What I would advocate is a continuation of the existing Public Enquiry to allow the victims to give evidence  about the abuse allegations concerning being networked to paedophiles outside the home, which the original tribunal did not cover, and which angered the victims so much.
Hopefully I will be airing these views at 7.20pm tonight on BBC News 24 on behalf of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers - www.childabuselawyers.com 

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