Monday 13 October 2014

Is Witchcraft and Ritualistic Abuse something limited to African Immigrants?

The Metropolitan Police’s Project Violet team, which works to address ritual child abuse, has launched a training film to help professionals who work with and safeguard children.  This comes after the number of allegations of abuse linked to a belief in witchcraft and spirit possession have been rising steadily, with the Metropolitan Police receiving 27 allegations this year compared to just nine in 2011.

Satanic Abuse is described quite vividly in various works of literature as well as being mentioned in  in several novels. Hammer Horror Films did little to dispel the belief that witchcraft is the conception of someone afflicted by a mental health disorder. It has in the past been treated in a similar way to those who have been possessed by aliens. There is a support group dedicated to those who have suffered Satanic Abuse - it is called Survivorship. The subject has been thought of by some lawyers I know as the work of fantasists. It has unfortunately gained a cult status, but not in a good way.

Now we appear to have various examples of witchcraft cases being sent to the police. Whenever I come across it in the news, it usually involves African Cultures, not Satanic Abuse in this country carried out by white Caucasian males, with all the ceremony that usually surrounds it. 

Abuse cases which we deal with usually take place many years ago. It is very difficult to persuade a Court to try a case which is many years out of time. If at the same time one is dealing with a subject matter, which the majority of the population do not believe exists, the battle to persuade a Court to deal with the case is immense.

My own belief is that there are several hidden societies in England and Wales which practise ritualistic abuse to the present day, which includes the sacrifice of children described graphically in Dennis Wheatley novels. The Wicker Man film is obviously fictional, but not far away from the truth, I believe. A similar attitude would have been adopted to child abuse 70 years ago, I would imagine.

Although Witchcraft was commonplace in this country in medieval times, there are many who alleged they have been a victim of it today. The point is that not enough people are brave enough to believe that it is true.

Back to the news item..

An event aimed at professionals working with children at risk, co-hosted by the Metropolitan Police and the Church’s Child Protection Advisory Service, was held in London recently.  It was said that children display behaviour consistent with distress, adding that they may appear isolated, quite, withdrawn and sad.  Those that attended the event were told that there is no definitive list of religions which practise witchcraft and it is not confined to particular counties, cultures, religions or communities.

Terry Sharpe, from the Met’s sexual offences, exploitation and child abuse command said: “Regardless of the beliefs of the abusers, child abuse is child abuse.  Our role is to safeguard children, not challenge beliefs.  This is a hidden crime and we can only prevent it by working in partnership with the community.”

Mor Dioum, director at the Victoria Climbie Foundations, sad that professionals need to “adopt a more holistic approach with children, young people and families when dealing with abuse that does not fit the norm.”


It will be interesting to look back at this blog in years to come, when maybe there have been a glut of satanic abuse prosecutions in this country, and we have uncovered secret societies operating right under our noses...the broadmindedness of the police appears to be limitless, which is this space


  1. I think you are confusing therapeutic ideas whereby a psychiatrist can supply a mentally-disordered person with a framework to hang their angst upon, and so give themselves a fresh start at their life. Valerie Sinason has been discredited as an "expert witness" in criminal affairs but she has remained a respected mental health professional. I daresay that is because her approach allows patients to weave a story in their own psyche that then allows them to put their various monsters into a safe place and take a more positive approach to the rest of their life. The explosion in "Misery Literature" is testament to a successful Mental Health Strategy, not real and actual events.

    In a sense the psychiatrist/therapist is pulling the wool over their patient's eyes in a not dissimilar way to the manner in which hypnotism can work. Given the short duration of a personal life, the ends justifies the means.

    To apply this sort of self-mending fantasy to a criminal process and be convicting other people of committing these imaginary offences is a terrible perversion and, if you believe in Christ, a serious sin in my opinion.

    It's also the case that the child abuse concerning African witchcraft is being perpetrated by Christian believers who are seeking to expurgate their children of sins that relate to their pagan beliefs. Encouraging them to believe that witchcraft is real somehow, merely adds to the likelihood of abuse. What rational men of learning should be promoting is the realisation that witchcraft and demons only exist in people's minds. It is the very stuff of Mental health.

    1. I repeat what I say in my article. The theory of "False Memory Syndrome" has largely been discredited by the psychological commentators
      The fact that this blog attracts such opposition adds credence to the need to write it. The victims would be upset that their allegations are dismissed as illusory.

  2. Your belief ? present your proof, after all you are a lawyer.

    "not enough people are brave enough to believe that it is true."

    what a shocking allegation. So if they don't believe you they are a coward?

    1. I rely on testimony from several victims of satanic abuse who have consulted either this firm or other firms I have been in communication with. I am not a victim myself, so must rely on information passed onto me in a position of solicitor/client trust. I have also spoken to a survivor at some length who was at one time connected with the Association I lead.

      The disbelief of the existence of Satanic Abuse, is very much part of the problem.

  3. Victoria Climbie was killed by Christians for being a witch, not by Satanists.

  4. Peter, do you know about Autism? Do you know of the small, but connected, group of people spreading these vile and ridiculous rumours around the internet? Do you know of those whose minds are very, very unwell, who believe in all this rubbish? Do you know of Heal For Life, where many Satanic Abuse rumours started up a while back? Do you know that many folks who are Religion Obsessed have minds that are often on another planet, so to speak? Of course paedophilia exists, sadly..and it will always be around us, although the more we can do to stop it, the better...but it's because of those whose minds are either simply wired up wrongly from them first arriving on the planet, or due to what life has done to them...Satanic Abuse is NOT widespread, nor gathering pace at the rate of a runaway train...but the PANIC and PARNOIA about it is, just as it is with paedophilia...and it's all being stirred up and brought to you by either £Vested £Interests R Us, or Utterly Deranged R Us.

    You see, I have autism in my family. My own mother, now deceased, believed in baaaaaad things and convened with those who called themselves Witches..She was totally batty at times, more so when she fell into the clutches of those from Deranged R Us, who convinced her that The End Of The World Was Nigh and that Evil Spirits are drawn to electricity, so one must only use candles....These folks were raving bonkers, but of course, we are not allowed to use this term any longer, except, I refuse to bow down to The Lunatics who are now Running The Asylum, which once was my Beloved Country...

    I'm truly sick and tired of all this INSANITY, for that's what it is...

    I'm also fed up to my back teeth with those who are laughing all the way to The Bank Of The Stupid Is As Stupid Does, whilst they get Orgasmic Joy from turning this country into a once Land Of Common Sense, to one where their Pot Of Paedophile and Devil Paranoia is stirred on a daily basis, to ensure Constant Panic And Deep Anxiety, for which THEY have 'The Solutions' of course....

    Well, well, well, bless my Non-Believing Soul, eh?

    Let's throw Political Correctness OUT of the window, alongside all this Being Non-Judgemental Shite too, and get back to judging those who ARE Mental with the correct degree of common sense, compassion and non-lunacy, shall we?

    Care In The Community AIN'T working, for now, those who were once cared for in homes and hospitals are sitting, often all alone, in their flats/rooms/houses, tippy-tapping their insanity out to Infinity & Beyond, whilst, for some extraordinary reason which I can only put down to the UK being sprayed with Stupid Spray, en masse, the once intelligent folks of my nation have been rendered deeply dumbed down, to the point of being acceptable as Jeremy Kyle Guests!

    Good God, Almighty! This is NOT what my Darlin' Dad went to War for in 1939 and he would be AGHAST at how IDIOTIC we've all become...

    Check with Porton Down, see if they might now what strength of Stupid Spray was used, for I fear it was Extra Strong....

    Now, I'll leave you to ponder on The Hellfire Club, for I'm off to bed, depressed, yet again, to read more rubbish about The Dastardly Devil and All Who Sacrifice For Him...

    May I suggest a jolly good dose of Native American Wisdom to get us all back on track, as well as some jolly excellent exposure of those who have been exposing their own forms of exposure to make themselves £fortunes from the ensuing panic they have knowingly and happily created...whilst The Money Keeps Rolling In....

    Thank ye...and goodnight.....

    Oh..and do I think my mother was on the autism spectrum? MOST DEFINITELY and I know many others, and some of them believe totally in UFOs, Spacemen and MANY Things Which Go Bump In The Night...

  5. And lastly, apologies for errors in the above, too tired to read through it, too fed up with Lunacy to care much any longer..and watch out, for there goes one more Cuckoo, flying over The Nest Of Britain...

    Still, at least we're keeping the rest of the world laughing, no doubt...

  6. This subject has been re-awakened due to the debates within the Westminster Module of IICSA. This is a subject that provokes diametrically opposed views.
    Why it provokes ridicule and anger is interesting. I do not understand why there are those who become irritated at the suggestion that there is such a thing as ritualistic abuse. If children are harmed in an organised way, justified by any ritual, then it is wrong. Whether or not the subject matter is real or not is immaterial. If children are harmed then it is wrong. A debate as to the reality of belief in Satan or indeed any religion misses the point.

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  8. I was most impressed with the slides at the ESTD-UK 2019 conference which feature the URL for this blog entry.

    Unfortunately, authority representatives routinely shield Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) offenders.

    I provide an account of a particularly chilling UK case on my blog: