Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Will Paedophile MP's be prosecuted or will it be a whitewash?

Do I know any paedophile MP's? Honestly? No I don't. I have been acting for the victims of abuse since 1994, and I have never had to make any allegations against any high profile individuals yet. That all may change however with the announcement of Operation Fernbridge. The article in the Independent last week announced the setting up by the Metropolitan Police Force of an enquiry into allegations at Elm Guest House in London, which was visited by, allegedly, members of Parliament. You can read it here if you wish.

To be honest, the stories about links between Members of Parliament, and abuse are not new. I heard similar "rumours", which now appear to be firmly based in evidence, many years ago from support groups at the time (1996/7). Because none of us had spoken to the victims, who were obviously too afraid to speak out, we were unable to verify the information, and neither were the media, who heard similar second hand versions of events.

When powerful people are in danger, heads roll, and often do. I have heard stories about those who threaten to speak out, suddenly disappearing in accidents. Not only were there allegations of abuse by politicians, and members of the police force, but also judges, policemen, and others.

Strangely it has taken the death of a celebrity paedophile (Savile) to bring the news into the public domain all over again. Sadly Lord McAlpine has managed to inject fear into the media by his successful, well publicised slander payouts against the BBC, who, as public bodies often do, immediately fell on its sword, apologising to its back teeth. What I have heard about North Wales children's homes, and links with external members of society does not warrant columns inches in my blog. I hope the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth does come out. Sadly, I doubt it.

Back to the plot - Elm Guest House - I know that the Metropolitan Police are tasked with an investigation. Will they publicise the names of those they investigate? I doubt it. We heard that "a 65 year old man" was arrested and taken in for questioning at one point. Yet celebrities get the full glare of the headlines.

I have had a meeting with Tom Watson MP, who has my complete admiration and respect. After his statement in Parliament about the Peter Wright affair, he was flooded with calls from victims who had been abused by various individuals, including the Elm Guest House matter, which he has now passed to the police. It is no coincidence that he is a Socialist rather than Conservative. His motives, however, are non-political. He is a man who cares about the individuals rather than the institutions - exactly what MP's should be like. Sadly too many of them these days are more interested in their careers than their constituents.

I hope that the worms will be emptied out of the can, but somehow I doubt it.....

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  1. I also admire Tom W atson but wonder why he hasn't raised the rumours 're Scottish labour politicians accused of sex crimes.