Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kesgrave Hall Boarding School investigated

Lee Woolcott Ellis - one of the victims urged other victims
to come forwards - see here
When I strarted working in the area of child abuse back in 1994, everyone was appalled at how many children's homes were infiltrated with paedophiles, and how much organised abuse had taken place in instituions which were meant to care for children.

Merseyside Police were investigating nearly 90 homes, Greater Manchester 66, and Cheshire a number. 41 out of 43 Police forces had a major abuse investigation in their area. People said that this must be a freak of history, and that it would not last.

Almost every week we hear of a new abuse investigation springing up - Suffolk Police have now launched a new investigation into Kesgrave Hall Boarding School. Read the story in the Guardian - http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/jan/22/suffolk-police-child-abuse-school

It appears that a 1992 investigation went nowhere even though several staff were investigated. The Police, with the new "Savile" type initiative, are now having another look at the previous investigation after further complaints have been made. Is it too little, too late, we have to ask.

It is a shame that lack of enthusiasm for abuse which took place years ago on the part of the police has to be rekindled by the investigation of a dead celebrity, who the police will never be able to prosecute, yet have devoted untold resources towards investigating.

One has to sympathise, however, with the task of investigating 30 year old allegations where the alleged abusers are elderly, witnesses difficult to trace, and documents often destroyed.

We have to do this at QualitySolicitors Abney Garsden every day, and it is an uphill battle.

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